21 Major Signs He Will Never Come Back, So You Can Move On

It can be difficult to read between the lines when a person you love tells you they need space, but it’s even more difficult to know if they’re serious about breaking up with you.

It can be a gut-wrenching experience when someone dumps you, but the worst part is not knowing what’s going on in their head. What if they’re just playing games with your heart? What if they’re telling themselves they need space? What if they’ve met somebody else?

Don’t wait around for him to decide for you. Look at this list of 21 signs he will never come back and rest assured about your future together.

1. He pulls away when you try to flirt with him

You got a little drunk last night, so you got a little sensitive.

Then you thought about giving your ex one last chance before letting him go.

But he either walked away or tried to hide from you!

Respect him and respect yourself. Don’t make any more advances from now on.

No suggestive text messages, no touching his arm, no lingering hugs.

It’s already clear that he wants to be your friend and that’s it!

You’ve shown very obvious signs that you’re still not over him and he didn’t like it.

He just wants a friendship – and friends don’t flirt!

2. If he ignores you, he’s not coming back

Maybe you’ve tried to resume contact with your former partner.

To your astonishment, all the times you have done so, you have received no response from the other side.

Among other things, he has seen your messages, but he doesn’t answer you at all.

Ignoring a person is a way of saying “you are no longer part of my life” without using words.

If your ex is engaging in this behavior, what he is signaling to you is that the chapter of his life with you is over.

If he isn’t trying to communicate, then it’s probably not going to happen!

3. He doesn’t get nervous with you

Being around someone we used to love and haven’t forgotten can be uncomfortable.

We get nervous, and we start to show signs of it, perhaps without realizing it.

We may start to sweat, we get stuck when we speak, or we gesture awkwardly with our hands.

This can be seen through the body language of your ex who, if they are calm, may already see you as their friend.

4. Avoid meetings in places and with people in common

Many couples who break up still share a lot of things: friends, co-workers, or favorite places.

If this is your case and he constantly avoids them, then he no longer wants to have anything to do with you.

If he is avoiding you at all cost, it is because he is probably in the final stages of mourning the end of your relationship.

He wants to get over what the two of you had and is trying to rebuild his life on a separate path.

5. He no longer tries to impress you

He no longer cares at all about what makes you happy, sad, or angry.

Did you hate that he smokes? Then, he’ll smoke in front of you and not care!

Did you like his long hair? Now he’s cut his hair!

He’s not doing it to annoy you. You’ve simply stopped being a concern to him.

Maybe he even started doing those things that he likedthat you wouldn’t let him.

He’s probably trying to get his identity back after being together for so long.

6. A drastic change might be one of the signs he will never come back

You’ve been with your ex-partner for quite a while.

You know what makes him laugh, what he likes, what he doesn’t, and his favorite foods, among other things.

But since you broke up, he’s changed everything – from the places he frequents to the way he dresses.

This may be because he feels this will help him get over his breakup.

It may also be a way of expressing to you that everything he did was for you and that you wouldn’t let him be who he is.

Or, it may be that he is a very malleable person. Maybe he has found another partner and your ex has incorporated their ways.

7. He asks you for love advice

Some ex-boyfriends might use this technique, to figure out if a person is still in love with them.

But there are cases where you can see signs that your ex is deeply in love with someone new.

He’s not just making it up to make you jealous.

he's not coming back

He could be asking you for genuine advice because you know him to the core and what he’s like in his relationships.

It could also be a direct way of telling you that he now sees you as a friend and nothing more.

Being in love with someone else makes friendship with an ex much easier.

8. He constantly cancels plans with you

You want to see him and talk to him, but every time you manage to get together, he then cancels on you.

This is a clear sign that he’s not comfortable and more obvious than other signs he will never come back.

Whether he’s over you or not, it’s clear that he wants to make it; he has the right to handle the separation however he can.

In this situation, perhaps the best thing to do is to take some time to analyze what you want.

You may be doing everything you can to get back together.

But then you realize that the reasons you broke up in the first place are much stronger than you thought.

9. He seems genuinely happy with someone else

You hate him a little because you can’t believe he moved on so quickly.

But the truth is right in front of your face; your ex looks madly in love.

His eyes are sparkling and you can’t wipe the smile off his face!

If you want to be friends with your ex, this is a clear sign that you can be, because he’s actually over you.

If your heart hasn’t healed from the break-up then stay away from him and avoid seeing him with someone else. It’s important to grieve and you will get over him eventually.

10. He avoids talking about the past

You go back to your ex and reminisce about the good old days. He gets uncomfortable and changes the conversation soon after.

This is one of the more obvious signs he will never come back and now prefers to have a friendship with you.

If you have moved on, the important thing is that you can continue to stay in touch with him as friends.

Eliminate the hope of getting back together with him again from your mind.

11. He wants you to be happy with someone else

He may be suggesting a connection between you and someone else.

No, he’s not doing this to get a reaction from you, where you say, “But you’re the one I love.”

He thinks you could be a good match with someone else!

He wants you to fall in love again because it will make him happy for you to be happy.

Moreover, when you are both in love with other people, there would be no more doubts, that you are now just friends.

So your new partner wouldn’t even think, that there is still something between you.

12. He is the type who feels easily guilty

If he was the one who dumped you, then he might experience guilt about it.

It makes him feel really bad that you feel bad, so he will do anything to avoid confrontation.

That’s why when you called him and begged for an explanation, he just disappeared.

Once he feels you are completely over him, he will instantly reach out to you.

He’ll want to verify that you’re okay.

He probably just wants to assuage his guilt, but he doesn’t want to get back into a relationship with you.

It’s unfair, but some people just can’t be good people during breakups.

13. He’ll end the friendship if you still have feelings for him

Whether he’s told you this outright or simply made you feel it through his actions.

It’s pretty clear that your ex is willing to end any kind of relationship with you even though you still have feelings for him.

Otherwise, he understands that it is unfair to your current partner.

He knows it will be painful for you and he knows it will be awkward for everyone.

But it’s pure friendship or nothing at all. You need to take care of yourself and focus on the process of forgetting him.

14. He’s been missing for months

You’ve been out of touch for a while, so you can be sure he’s been licking his wounds and licking them really well.

We’re not talking a few weeks here – we’re talking a few months to a year or even longer!

The no contact rule is crucial to moving faster.

If he has disappeared for a while, he may have become a different person. He might even be dating someone else.

Your ex is now no longer the person he was when you were together.

15. You don’t feel sexual tension when you see each other

Sexual tension is like the ends of a magnet.

Either you can’t keep your hands off each other or you can’t stand to be around each other.

he's never coming back

There is no middle ground.

If you no longer feel that intense attraction to your ex, it might be time to move on, even though at one point you thought he was very attractive and couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to kiss him.

That’s all in the past. He’s never coming back!

16. He doesn’t respond to your sweet messages

You took the initiative and sent him a sweet message.

You expected a long reply in the morning, but he read it and didn’t reply.

It doesn’t mean he thinks you’re unlovable and pathetic.

It also doesn’t mean he’s manipulating you to get you back together. That’s why it has a place on the signs he will never come back list here.

Again, you just want to set clear boundaries in their new friendship, keeping things strictly friendly.

17. You can’t see any trace of longing in his eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

If you look deep into his eyes and see that they’re cold and distant, he’s probably long forgotten you.

No more direct looks, full of love and lust.

He now looks at you the same way he looks at his friends or anyone else.

That special look has already ceased to exist on him for you.

Speaking of looks, he may even be seeing other women when you are together.

You are now just a friend, to hang out with.

18. He’s never coming back if he’s no longer bitter

If he’s angry with you, he still cares about you. If he’s indifferent, he’s moved on. Plain and simple.

Whatever you’ve done in the past, it no longer affects him.

So, let’s say you finally had the guts to apologize to him for cheating on him.

You expected a flood of tears, but what you got was a smile and an “It’s okay. I’ve moved on.”

He’s not faking it. He’s not showing any signs of bitterness toward you, because he simply doesn’t care anymore.

19. He says no when you want to get together

If he still loves you, he’ll say yes in a heartbeat.

However, if he just wants to be friends, he won’t bother to always say yes to you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s avoiding you on purpose.

It’s because its game night or he’s tired or just wants to watch his favorite show, probably with his current girlfriend.

If he doesn’t feel obligated to say yes to you, it’s one of the signs he will never come back and that you’re just a friend to him now.

20. He tells you his flaws, without hiding anything

He might tell you, that he didn’t actually quit smoking when he said he did. Or, he might confess to you, that he had a mistress. Ouch!

It means he no longer cares how you see him because his relationship is a thing of the past for him.

Because of this, he feels he can be totally honest with you and will want to start your friendship with a clear conscience.

21. He can discuss openly why your relationship sucked

You know someone is in a different place when he can look back without anger or resentment, and has a clearer perspective on things.

He can now openly admit that he was a jerk to you because his relationship is now a thing of the past.

Plus, he can say it without a problem, because he assumed that you’re over it too.

It’s Time to Put Your Broken Heart in Its Place and Move Forward

“He’s not coming back” is the most painful sentence for any woman to hear. It’s the sentence that will never be forgotten and will always haunt her. It’s not always easy to move on after a break-up with someone, but it’s the only way you’ll be able to start living your life again.

Sometimes things just don’t work out, and there is nothing you can do about it. Usually, this occurs when the relationship is not sustainable for either partner. When you have been with someone for a long time and can’t seem to make it work anymore, one of two things might happen: You may find happiness with a better person, or you will finally be able to move on and focus on yourself and your happiness.

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